About Us

We are passionate about Electric Cars as an emerging market and the beneficial impact they have on our health and the planet. We therefore love educating consumers about new models and their technology, with the aim to answer everything one needs to know about buying, owning and operating an Electric Vehicle. We want to help consumers make an informed decision about purchasing an Electric Vehicle that is right for their needs, and in doing so, increase the uptake of Electric Cars on our roads.

EV.CENTER aims to provide clear and comprehensive information surrounding the Electric Vehicle market, by providing news, reviews, data and comparisons. We use an unbiased scoring system that is calculated based on each vehicle’s performance data, which allows the cars themselves to do the talking. We have added a personal overview of each car to give a subjective opinion, but the overall scores given are 100% data driven. We believe that scoring the cars in this way helps to benchmark each one by the best in class, and makes comparing the cars a lot easier.

To make the comparisons intuitive, we have engineered a hexagonal web chart for each car, with the overall score in the center. The overall scores run from 1 to 100, although concept car data is excluded from the benchmark data, meaning that they can exceed the 100 score limit. This helps you to know if newer cars will push the envelope and exceed current limits without affecting the scores of the current models. Once a concept car is ready for mass production, its data is introduced into the benchmark data, potentially raising the bar for all other cars to follow. As a result, current and past car’s scores will likely decrease as newer models are introduced. This way, you will always see the very latest scores and the fairest comparisons. You can read more about our scoring system here: Electric Vehicle Scoring System

We hope you enjoy reading our news, reviews and guides.