Volkswagen ID.Buzz will ensure a Groovy new future for Campervans

14 August 2023 by Jason Rose

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz could make people carriers cool again. While other automakers are moving away from this segment in favor of SUVs or van-based models, Volkswagen has introduced a large, ultra-modern electric vehicle with a stylish design.

The ID.Buzz is a modern take on the iconic Volkswagen Microbus, with a retro-inspired design and optional two-tone paint schemes. It seats five people (a longer seven-seater version is coming soon), has a huge trunk, plenty of passenger space, and a lot of tech. If it’s unabashedly targeting the vanlife crowd, then what’s wrong with that?

Scoring the 2nd highest on the site in the Small Passenger Van category overall, whilst being the 5th most expensive, makes the ID.Buzz Pro competitively priced for a van of this performance and prestige.

The ID.Buzz is built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which is specifically designed for electric vehicles. This gives the Buzz a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and rear-wheel drive, which are all beneficial for electric vehicles. However, the ID.Buzz is also expensive and has limited practicality in certain areas, which may be a turnoff for some buyers.

Volkswagen has kept the powertrain options for the ID.Buzz simple, with just one motor and one battery available for both the passenger and commercial vehicle versions. The stretched wheelbase and four-wheel-drive layout provide a spacious interior and comfortable ride, while the 204-horsepower motor and 77-kWh battery pack offer plenty of electric driving performance.

The ID.Buzz is a stylish and practical electric vehicle that is sure to appeal to holiday makers and active families who are looking for an alternative to SUVs. While it may not be as flexible as the Volkswagen Multivan, it still offers a spacious and comfortable interior, as well as a long driving range.


Cargo Capacity

The ID.Buzz has plenty of passenger space, with a high roof and deep dashboard providing plenty of headroom and legroom for the driver and front passenger. The rear seats are accessed by sliding doors, which are convenient for loading and unloading kids in tight spaces. However, the rear seats are not as flexible as those in the Volkswagen Multivan, a conventional petrol- and diesel-powered MPV.

The boot space expands to 2,205 litres, which is about a third more than the 1,575 litres available in the ID.4

The ID.Buzz does not offer individual seats in the second row, and the bench seat does not fold in any clever ways. It simply tilts forward with a 60:40 split. There are also only two Isofix points (on the outer rear seats), and the rear middle seat is firmer and narrower than those either side of it.

Overall, the ID.Buzz is a spacious vehicle with plenty of room for passengers. However, it is not as flexible as some other MPVs, such as the Volkswagen Multivan.

The ID.Buzz has a spacious boot with 1,211 litres of space, even with five passengers. However, it is surprising that you have to move the front seats forward to fold the rear seats down. Once you do, the boot space expands to 2,205 litres, which is about a third more than the 1,575 litres available in the ID.4.

To get a flat loading floor in the ID.Buzz, you need to get the pricier Style trim level or the optional Comfort Package Plus. Both of these include the Multi-flex board, a substantial shelf that creates a platform level with the height of the folded seat backs. There are storage boxes that slide underneath, but you still lose some space and have to deal with a raised loading height.

Storage in the cabin is practical and impressive, with large door bins front and rear, plus the removable Buzz Box centre console storage system.


Safety Features

The ID.Buzz is a well-equipped electric vehicle with a long list of safety features. These include:

  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Seven airbags, including a front centre airbag
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Car2x technology, which networks the vehicle with other vehicles and infrastructure to provide advanced warnings of hazards
  • Emergency assistance, which automatically alerts the emergency services in the event of a crash
  • Lane assist, which helps keep the vehicle centered in its lane
  • Road sign recognition
  • Evasive assist, which can help the driver take evasive action to avoid a collision

The ID.Buzz was awarded a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP in 2022.



The ID.Buzz is currently available with a single powertrain option: a rear-wheel-drive motor with 204 horsepower and a 77-kWh battery pack. This is the same powertrain found in the most powerful rear-wheel-drive versions of the ID.3 and ID.4.

The motor and battery are located in the rear of the vehicle, and the single-speed gearbox is also located in the rear. This is a common layout for electric vehicles, as it helps to optimize weight distribution and packaging.

Volkswagen has confirmed that a seven-seat, long-wheelbase version of the ID.Buzz will be released at the end of 2023. This version will have a larger battery pack for increased range. An all-wheel-drive model will also be added in 2024, and there is a possibility of a sporty GTX variant being released alongside it.


The short overhangs and large steering angle give it a tight turning circle, and the rear-wheel drive makes it stable even when you’re driving quickly.

The ID.Buzz is a safe and comfortable vehicle that delivers a confident driving experience, even if it’s not the most thrilling. The ride quality is generally excellent, although it can be a bit fidgety at times. The structure feels solid when going over bumps, which is something that even some premium electric vehicles struggle with. This is especially impressive given the large open volume of space created by the van-style body.

The ID.Buzz is surprisingly agile in the corners, and it’s easy to correct any oversteer. The short overhangs and large steering angle give it a tight turning circle, and the rear-wheel drive makes it stable even when you’re driving quickly.

The official 0-62 mph time of 10.2 seconds may not sound impressive, but the ID.Buzz feels quicker than that in real life. The instant torque from the electric motor gives it plenty of punch off the line, and it can accelerate briskly from a roundabout or traffic light. However, it can be a bit jerky if you’re too forceful with the accelerator pedal.

Once moving, the ID.Buzz cruises and accelerates smoothly at fast motorway speeds. The cabin is very quiet, with only road and tire noise present. The build quality is excellent, with no vibrations or rattles.

There are no paddles behind the steering wheel to adjust the braking resistance and resultant energy recuperation. Instead, this is controlled by the driving mode (Eco, Comfort, Sport, or Individual) or by putting the car in the “B” setting. However, the “B” setting only offers a mild motor-braking effect, which is not as strong as the “one-pedal” driving format offered by some other electric vehicles.


Interior Quality

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz’s cabin can be a luxurious and stylish place, with bright colours and high-quality materials. The seats can be trimmed in a synthetic material that feels like leather but doesn’t contain any animal products, and the lighting can be customized with up to 10 different colours. The overall ambience is one of a premium car, rather than a commercial vehicle.

However, this level of luxury is only available on the top-spec variants. The cheaper options have a more utilitarian interior, with black and Gray trim. While these materials are hard-wearing, they may not be as visually appealing to some buyers. Additionally, the lighter colours may not be the best choice for families with small children, as they could be easily stained.

The ID.Buzz comes with firm, high-quality seats that are comfortable on long journeys. The rear middle passenger does not get the same level of comfort as the other passengers, which is a disappointment in a vehicle of this size. Style models include armrests for the front seats.

The ID.Buzz is very refined. The electric drive system is basically silent, the interior feels rigid and is free of creaks and rattles. There is little wind noise at speed, and road noise is very minimal. It is noticeably quieter and more refined than the Volkswagen Multivan.


Gadgets & Infotech

The ID.Buzz is available in two trim levels: Life and Style. Both trim levels come with a long list of standard features, including a digital instrument cluster that moves with the steering wheel, wireless phone charging, seven USB-C sockets, dual-zone air conditioning, and a range of safety and assisted driving technology.

The Life trim also comes with a touchscreen infotainment system, but it is not the most user-friendly. Fortunately, you can bypass the built-in software with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touch-sensitive buttons throughout the cabin are also something of a pain, but you may get used to them.

The Style trim adds 30 choices of ambient lighting, a powered tailgate, and enhanced exterior lighting, including IQ.Light adaptive matrix LEDs at the front.


The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is a stylish and practical electric vehicle that appeals to both the head and the heart. The interior is spacious and packed with storage solutions, while the exterior is stylish and attention-grabbing. The ID.Buzz is also good to drive, being quiet, comfortable, and brisk enough.

However, the ID.Buzz is not without its flaws. It is expensive, and the five-seater layout may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, the ID.Buzz cannot match the passenger-carrying practicality of its VW Multivan stablemate.

Overall, it is a great choice for families who are looking for a stylish and practical electric vehicle. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.


  • Spacious interior with a huge amount of boot space
  • Pleasant driving experience, very refined
  • Stylish design that will appeal to many


  • Rear seat folding mechanism is basic and you can’t have individual chairs
  • Range suffers quickly if you drive it fast
  • Price is a bit high

Scoring the 2nd highest on the site in the Small Passenger Van category overall, whilst being the 5th most expensive, makes the ID.Buzz Pro competitively priced for a van of this performance and prestige.

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